Thursday, June 23, 2011

SA invades Summit Point.

So I finally made the journey all the way to WV (3 hours) to check out hyperfest. It wasnt what I expected, but the event turned out to be pretty fun. The weekend event was followed with all day drifting at the Jefferson circuit aka Drift Nirvana. Here, the usual suspects from SA, Josh, Willis, Bobby, and Patrick put in work. Friends of SA, Fortune Auto, also put in work on the main course with their grey Evo, stayed tuned for their next post here on the blog.

For now, check out SA's Drifters and Friends of the blog.

Me, lost on the back roads going to the track.

You NEED a bike to get around Summit.

Rapper Dan, who reminded me that his car was painted by hand, and NOT a wrap!

Joshhhh! Aka the sleepy asian

Patrick! He let me drive his car around the pits. Tubbed front end and nice SR.


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